Advertising Options

The MyLocal Pest Control website gets traffic primarily from people looking for information about Pest Control, or trying to locate a local Pest Control service. They are typically using the web for one of the following activities :

  • looking for Hints and Tips about DIY Pest Control
  • looking for Pest Control Products or Services
  • Looking for Pest Controllers in their local area

We offer a number of different options for advertisers.

  1. Locality – You can choose to advertise for a specific locality (e.g. Brisbane). Your Ad will appear on the page/pages associated with this locality, and also on any Blog Posts related to this locality
  2. Australia Wide – Your ad may appear on any page or post throughout the site

Ads will usually be displayed on a rotational basis, i.e. Ads will be cycled on and equal share basis, however, we may also have the capacity for higher priority or even (in some circumstances) exclusive advertising.

Advertising Rates

Advertising rates vary depending on where the Ads is placed (locality or Site wide), and term (we may be able to offer a discount for longer term advertising commitments). Please Contact Us

Ad Types

We currently provide two different size Ads :

  • banner – 486×60 – Appears in the header and also interspersed within page content
  • rectangle – 300×250 – Appears in the Right hand side bar

We may be able to assist you with artwork for your Ads if you wish.