Organic Pest Management – Doing Things The Wrong Way

Evidence can be seen as far back as 100 years on how gardeners have been taught to control pests and disease using synthetic chemicals the effects of which were never thought of let alone predicted. In the 1960’s Rachel Carson, in her book “Silent Spring” brought to life the realisation… Read more »

Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects that range in size from 0.125 inches to 0.25 inches. Many are active at night and feed off warm-blooded mammals such as humans and animals. The bite of bed bug is not painful, but can irritate the skin and cause itching. Treatments for their bites include… Read more »

Working With Pest Control Companies in How to Get Rid of Termites

You find out one day that your beautiful wood flooring has been devoured by termites. You regretfully tore apart your beloved flooring and installed a new set after you made sure there are no more termites. But after a few months, the same termite attack happened. You are at your… Read more »

Household Pests And Their Problems

Pest’s will live anywhere where they are able to get a constant supply of food, and are able to raise their young ones. We are now going to discuss some of the pests that are commonly found in houses and then what can we do with them. There’s hardly anything… Read more »

Termidor in Sydney – Termite Prevention

How does Termidor Work? A lot of termite control products are toxic to termites, very few of the termites are actually killed before being repelled by the termiticide barrier. As a result, termites remain alive and actively seek gaps in the barrier in order to gain access to the building…. Read more »